Australia's largest & leading Drinking Water Cooler & Industrial Process Water Chillers Manufacturer
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Australia's Leading Drinking Water Cooler and Industrial Process Chillers Manufacturer.

Aqua Cooler Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company based in Chester Hill, Sydney. Since 1946 our company has gained an enviable reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of a range of "world class" products - in terms of




Aqua Cooler's Service division.

Our Service division specialises in Commercial Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Industrial Process Chillers including all sales, installation, service, maintenance, repairs and breakdowns. Our Service division has grown and expanded over the last 18 months:



Australian Made

manufacturing history that goes back over 50 years.

Aqua Cooler chiller are made in Australia for Australian conditions using components from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Aqua Cooler has continued to build on the reputation and success of Blackmore and Singleman who have been making chillers for the transport and food industries since 1946.


AQUA COOLER Pty Limited is the largest drinking water cooler and industrial process chiller manufacturer in Australia supplying its products and services nationwide. Formed in 1994 by the amalgamation of three companies specialising in chilled technology, Aqua Cooler Pty Ltd has a proud heritage that dates back to 1946, with the manufacture of packaged water chiller units. 

Today the company offers a complete range of products including botte water coolers, watercoolers, point of use water coolers, mains connected drinking water fountains, industrial process chillers, installation, and a comprehensive after-sales service including sanitization, repair and a broad range of accessories designed to cater for any clients needs.



Synergetics Pty Ltd

Aquacooler have provided us with a reliable and professional service. The two onsite industrial chillers are performing well in a challenging high particulate environment. The nature of our project requires flexibility for servicing due to restricted site access. We have found Aquacooler able to meet our requirements, even at short notice. Their employees have an extremely helpful and proactive attitude. I would not hesitate to engage them on other projects and would highly recommend them to others.

Dr Christine Ingram, Synergetics Pty Ltd

Rack Tecnologies

If I may I would like to congratulate you all on a greta team effort. Everyone, and I mean everyone involved, put in an extra big effort on a very short time frame, whilst managing quite a few other pressures to get this accross the line. You all deserve a big pat on the back. It's our job to act, and you did, and did it well.

Olivia Grosh, Rack Tecnologies

Our latest projects

Below is a selection of recent large scale project that Aquacooler has completed, mainly with industrial chillers and related installations.
University of Catholocism

Provide cooling for the new data centre being installed Total requirement for 30kW of cooling with expansion to 40 kW in the future.

Fitness First

Provide cooling for the existing data centre has 20kW of cooling installed and needed to be upgraded to 40kW while still having chillers in redundancy.

Schneider Electric APCC

Data centre in Sydney – 400 kW of cooling. 4 chillers and central control box to manage 3 chillers running and one chiller in redundancy. And other projects.

Siemens & others

Liverpool cancer clinic, chilled water plant for MRI scanning equipment. Installation is 70kW of cooling Chillers with redundancy. And other projects.