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Welcome to Aqua Cooler

Australia's Leading Drinking Water Cooler and Industrial Process Chillers Manufacturer

Aqua Cooler Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company based in Chester Hill, Sydney. Since 1946 our company has gained an enviable reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of a range of "world class" products - in terms of
Over many years we have developed close working relationships with our network of National distributors and international clients to ensure our range are readily available to you.

We manufacture the largest range and different types of water coolers including:

Drinking Water Fountains – Aqua Cooler drinking water chillers are available in three different cooling capacities to suit every need. Manufactured from robust Colorbond steel or stainless steel, the chillers offer a reliable cooling solution for all drinking requirements. This range of drinking water chillers is also available with inbuilt filtration to ensure high quality cold water is available at all times.

Bottle Water Coolers - Aqua Cooler bottle water coolers are design and manufactured to be reliable, robust and simple to maintain. This elegant range of coolers is available in a variety of colours to ensure they can be placed in any environment.

Point of Use Water Coolers – Aqua Cooler's range of point of water use water coolers are designed to be plumbed into the main water supply. Pressure is controlled in the chiller by a float valve to fill a reservoir tank of chilled drinking water. This range is also available with in-built filtration and a variety of colours.

Industrial Process Water Chillers – Aqua Coolers range of industrial process water chillers suit virtually any application and environment - from domestic applications to large scale industrial applications. ALL products are tested to ensure they perform in extreme environments found in remote parts of Australia and beyond.

Aqua Cooler offers a large range of industrial process water chillers from 0.5kW to 480kW cooling capacity. Our process water chillers are offered with a large range of options to allow the water chiller to be customised to suit every customer's cooling requirements.

Aqua Coolers industrial process water chillers are used in mining applications for high volumes of drinking water, safety equipment and large scale air cooling. Process water chillers are also used in the scientific industry for cooling analytical equipment and small scale pharmaceutical manufacturing. Aqua Cooler also provides process water chilling and services to the data centre industry, the medical industry for cooling scanning equipment and the food industry for production. The list of applications for process water chillers is enormous. Water chillers have also been supplied for plastic injection moulding cooling, concrete production, large scale printing presses and radio telescopes.

Accessories - We supply all your water cooler accessories needs including Cup Dispensers, Water Bottles and Water Filters.

Service, Installation and Commissioning - With our own service division we provide all your service requirements for any refrigeration system - from domestic air conditioning to major industrial refrigeration appliances and of course Aqua Cooler drinking water chillers and industrial water chillers. Aqua Coolers service division specialises in the installation and commissioning of our industrial water chillers to ensure they run reliably and smoothly throughout their service life. Service contracts are also offered for peace of mind providing spare parts stored in all capital cities, 24/7 responses and preventative maintenance on the water chillers to ensure long service life.

Refurbishment and Sanitization - Aqua Cooler provides this service, to promote hygiene through a unique comprehensive process, is available to all customers, and this unique process ensures a water cooler will last longer and provide a better return on investment.



Aqua Cooler ServiceOur company services Commercial Air- Conditioning, Refrigeration, Industrial Chillers, Drinking Water Fountains and we have a comprehensive refurbishment and sanitization process for all water coolers. More info >


Hydramaster under bench hot water drinking system.

Under Bench Hot Water Drinking Water System more info>

- Instant Filtered Boiling Hot Water
- Chrome faucet + childproof feature
- LCD display power status/filter change
- Simplicity - Reliability - Affordable

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