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Wall Recessed Bubblers

Wall Recessed Mains Connected Bubbler

These wall recessed bubblers are available in single and dual level as well as with and without refrigeration.

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Key Features

  • High efficiency cooling system and refrigerant R-134a.
  • Stainless steel with heavy duty steel frame.
  • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway.
  • Waterways are Lead-Free in materials and construction.
  • Flexible one piece water saver bubbler guard.
  • Built in panel lock for easy access to the chiller and filtration.
  • Antimicrobial push button.

These water fountains come in a variety of options including single and dual level design with ambient or refrigerated drinking water. The heavy duty galvanized steel frame makes the unit extra durable, perfect for high volume applications and it also features a 100 micron strainer to stop particles entering the lead-free waterway. All refrigerated units use R-134a refrigerant and have an efficient and high-performing refrigeration system.

Un-refrigerated Manual Dispense
Split Level Available

Wall Recessed Hydration Stations

Model Dispense Type Levels Refrigeration Capacity Data Sheet
AC-M8WRY Manual Single 30 L/hr Download
AC-M8CRY Manual Split 30 L/hr Download
AC-M8WRYEE Contactless Single 30 L/hr Download
AC-M8CRYEE Contactless Split 30 L/hr Download
Wall Recessed Bubblers

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