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Thermal X Chillers

Our “R Series” design has survived the test of time in the harshest Australian conditions.

Aqua Cooler’s Thermal X range contains our R Series design which has survived the test of time in the harshest Australian conditions. With over 5,500 installs worldwide, Aqua Cooler’s R Series is backed by 50 years of history and experience. Each R Series includes our advanced PCB controller as standard which allows advanced control including a web-based interface via IP, HLI capability via RS485, Modbus, Bacnet, and more.

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Key Features

  • Thermal X Series industrial process chillers are Australian designed and tested.
  • A high ambient temperature operation of up to 46°c with R134a.
  • Advanced PCB controller with Australian designed software allows advanced control – Web page interface via IP, HLI capability RS485, Modbus, Bacnet, and more.
  • Extensive parameter settings to suit a variety of applications.
    Advanced safety controls will ensure your chiller remains safe. Features such as phase protection, thermal overload, low flow protection, HP/LP protection and more as standard.
  • Improved data logging via USB or webpage download.
  • Variable speed drive options on compressors and fans ensure your Thermal X chiller is only working as hard as it needs to.
  • Open or closed loop pipework options to suit the requirements of the process.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant options of R134a or R410A.
  • High efficiency scroll and screw compressors made by industry leading brands.

R Series Benefits


The stylish and practical R Series structural enclosure is robustly constructed with a rigid frame, powder-coated galvanised aluminium panels and heavy-duty castors. It is divided into two sections to ensure optimum airflow through the condenser. The R Series enclosure is designed for indoor or outdoor installation.


Aqua Chiller uses a custom-designed and manufactured condenser in the R Series of chillers. The enclosure’s split design offers high efficiency by ensuring optimum airflow through the condenser. The R series uses an advanced hydrophilic coating on the condenser and has the option of e-coating for extreme environments. Remote condenser options are available.

Smart PCB Controller

The advanced PCB controller is standard with all R Series chillers. It allows benefits such as multi-chiller control allowing redundancy, remote start/stop, performance monitoring, BMS connectivity, and a wide array of parameter control settings.

Chilled Water Circuit

R Series chillers are equipped as standard with an internal buffer tank. Internal buffer tanks ensure that temperature remains consistent under varying loads.


R Series chillers compressors bring you long-lasting reliability and durability with exceptionally high standards of quality. R Series chillers use world-leading compressor brands such as Emerson and Danfoss.


A range of pump options is available for the R Series chiller. All of which are sourced from highly reputable and market-leading manufacturers. R Series chillers can optionally be used with an external pump if required.

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