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Parts & Accessories

Aqua Cooler’s large array of accessories will be available online shortly. If you’re looking for more information please contact Aqua Cooler directly on 1300 278 226.

Bench Top Mini Cooler

Compact Bench Top Mini Water Cooler

This 8.5 L chilled mini water cooler is perfect for home or office. It’s fast cooling,
carbon filtration system ensures you’re always having fresh filtered water. This
water system is easy to top up, simply remove the lid and add water.

Product Code: MINICOOL

Cup Holder

With Bracket

Cup holder to suit bottled or mains connected coolers. Comes with bracket to affix to cooler.

Product Code: CH-W (White), CH-B (Black)

Eco-Smart Water Cup

Polypropylene water cups are an economical and convenient option for water coolers in waiting rooms and offices. These suit most standard water cup dispensers and hygienically packed and food safe.

Product Code: CUPS-GA-PDW7


Replacement bubbler attachment for M Series and WM Series drinking fountains.

Product Code: SPM2

Glass Filler

Replacement glass filler attachment for M Series and WM Series drinking fountains.

Product Code: SPM1


If you’re interested in purchase a filter from Aqua Cooler please contact Aqua Cooler directly on 1300 278 226 or buy online at

2 Micron Water Filter

The Aqua Cooler 2 Micron Water Filter is our most popular filter. This Watermark approved filter reduces 99% of Chlorine, Taste and Odour found in standard tap water.

The filter is self housed and only requires a head (found here) in order to be attached to a 1/4” tube.

The Z-8110 should be replaced every 6 months and has a max pressure rate of 875kPa and a max flow rate of 3.5LPM.

Product Code: Z-8110

Green Filter – Carbon

Activated carbon block filter from coconut shell charcoal. Removes Chlorine, Taste & Odour (CTO) and fine particulates from cold

Capacity: 3800 Litres.

Product Code: GFRP-C

Mini Cooler Filter

Small Benchtop Mini Cooler Replacement Filter.

We recommend changing filters every two months, or if water flow reduces.