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Oasis Bubblers and Bottle Fillers

Oasis bubblers and bottle fillers come in a wide range of configurations designed to suit a variety of applications. We have contactless options for both our bubblers and bottle fillers to allow hands free dispensing as well as optional advanced UVC-LED filtration at point of dispense.

New Versacool Contactless Drinking Bubbler

Surface Mounted Bubblers – VersaCooler

Wall Mounted, Mains Connected Bubblers

The VersaCooler series is a wall mounted water bubbler offering refrigerated and non-refrigerated drinking water as well as a contactless and vandal resistant option.

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Surface Mounted Bottle Fillers

Wall Mounted, Mains Connected Bottle Fillers

Surface mounted bottle fillers offer refrigerated and non-refrigerated options as well as manual or automatic dispensing . Also available with UVC-LED QUASAR filtration technology.

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VersaFiller Contactless Drinking Fountain

Surface Mounted All-In-One Combo Unit – VersaFiller

Wall Mounted, Mains Connected, Combination Unit

The VersaFiller Series comes in a wide range of configurations including single and split level designs and feature both a bubbler a bottle filler.

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Wall Recessed Hydration Station

Wall Recessed, Mains Connected, Combination Unit

These wall recessed hydration stations include a bottle filler and a vandal resistant mechanical push button for the bubbler with options for an automatic or manual dispensing bottle filler.

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Free Standing Bottle Fillers

Wall recessed, mains connected, bottle filler units

Our Bottle Filling Stations are perfect for those high traffic areas. With a contactless, touch-free activation – there are no fears of cross-contamination.

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Wall Recessed Bottle Fillers

Wall Recessed Mains Connected Bottle Filler

These wall recessed, bottle fillers feature either manual or hands free dispensing and can dispense either 30 or 45 L/h of cold drinking water depending on the model.

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Wall Recessed Bubblers

Wall Recessed Mains Connected Bubbler

These wall recessed bubblers are available in single and dual level as well as with and without refrigeration.

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