Under Sink Filtration Kit – Scale Removal

Introducing the Aqua Cooler dual under sink scale reducing filter system – targeting removal of chlorine, odour, sediment, heavy metals, cysts, chemicals, while improving the taste of your water and inhibiting scale build up.

Package includes:

  • Filter bracket with mounting screws
  • Filter heads with 1/4″ in and out connections
  • ACF-5586 Filter, 5 micron granular activated carbon with scale inhibitor.
  • ACF-5515 Filter, 1M block activated carbon filter used to reduce cysts, sediment, lead, parasites, chemicals, chloride while improving the taste and odour of your water.
  • 350 Kpa Pressure Limiting Valve
  • Mains Water Connection Tee Piece – 1/2″ female to 1/2″ male to 1/4″ Push fit Ball Valve.
  • 2m of 1/4″ Tube
  • Chrome Plated Faucet.

This under sink filtration package fits discretely under your existing sink and the included mains water connection tee piece makes installation to your existing water supply easy. A great all round option for fresh, great tasting and safe to drink water.

The system includes a 5 micron phosphate and granular activated carbon filter to remove sediment, chlorine, bad tastes, odours and reducing scale, before entering our 1 Micron activated carbon block filter to reduce cysts, lead, parasites, chloride and further increasing the quality  of your drinking water.

This system can be plumbed underneath your sink to the included faucet or can be used in-line with one of our under sink chillers for great tasting filtered and chilled drinking water right in your own home.

We also offer our filter reminder service, never forget to change your water filters again.

See link below for replacement filters:

Replacement Filters ACF-5586 ACF-5515