H2ONow Chiller

Underbench Water Cooling System

The H2ONow Chiller by Aqua Cooler is an innovative drink system designed to sit out of sight and dispense filtered chilled water on demand.

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Key Features

  • • 5L/h chilled water output
  • Stylish chilled tap
  • Simple to use, with automatic shutdown
  • Specifically designed for space-saving, under-bench installation
  • Fully insulated to achieve maximum energy efficiency
  • Easy filter replacement with a single twist
  • 12-months standard warranty
  • Full range of replacement parts

H2O Presto Chiller Range

H2ONow Chiller remote drinking water systems delivers 5L/h of water at 10 °C cooled from 27 °C inlet water at 32 °C ambient. The evaporator uses copper evaporator tubes on stainless-steel water storage tank, both of which are encapsulated in insulation. The R-134a refrigerant system is hermetically sealed and the refrigerant is capillary-tube controlled. An adjustable thermostat having an off position controls the refrigeration system.

Model Selection Chart
Unit with Filter Kit H2OP-CHILL-WHT-F
Unit with Filter Kit and tap H2OP-CHILL-WHT-F-T

H2O Presto Chiller White


H2O Presto Chiller Specifications

Cold water Water inlet 1/4” quick connect fitting
Water outlet 1/4” quick connect fitting
Tank capacity 4L
Tank material Stainless steel 304
Refrigerant 60g R134a
Electrical 220 - 240V 50Hz
Power 150W
Weight 12 kg
Max Pressure 400kpa
Min Pressure 20kpa
Dimension 18(W) x 31.5(D) x 38(H)cm
Warranty Twelve-month comprehensive coverage

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