Remote Water Systems

These industrial grade water systems are used to remotely supply chilled drinking water to drinking troughs or other outlets as required. Aqua Cooler’s range includes units capable of supplying between 30 and 120 L/h of chilled water, making them perfect for schools and workplaces.

Sonata Series

Sonata Series water cooling systems supply chilled water to a faucet or fountain. Available in two different configurations to suit your application, whether it be a school-yard bubbler or workshop fountain.

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PT30 Series

The Aqua Cooler PT30 Remote Storage features a large storage tank of 120L and is able to chill water down to 10 °C from 27 °C in 32 °C ambient at a rate of 110 L/h. Perfect for connection to drinking water troughs found in education environments. Also can be used to pre chill water for ice machines or in other commercial environments.

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