Sonata 120

High Capacity Remote Water Cooling Systems

SMC120 water cooling system remotely supplies chilled drinking water to a faucet or fountain. Available in a single 120L/h configuration it’s the perfect high capacity cooler to suite a school-yard bubbler or workshop fountain.

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Key Features

  • Rated capacity of 120L/h cold water at 10 °C
  • Waterways are lead-free in materials and construction
  • Constructed from heavy-duty galvanised steel
  • High-efficiency cooling tank and coil
  • Refrigerant R-134a
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 65L stainless steel tank

Sonata 120 Range

SMC120 remote drinking water system delivers 120.0 L/h of cooled water at 10 °C. The evaporator uses copper evaporator tubes on stainless stell water storage tank, both of which are encapsulated in insulation. The R-134a refrigerant system is hermetically sealed and refrigerant is capillary-tube controlled. An adjustable thermostat controls the refrigeration system. Available with galvanised steel finish.

Optional accessories available for SMC120 include: wall mounted cradle and stainless steel grille and shelf support.

SMC120 model offers a 12 comprehensive coverage, additional 24 month compressor replacement.

Water Connection – Inlets and outlets are ½” MBSP
Dimensions – 870mm X 530mm X 730mm

Model Selection Chart
Model Rated Capacity Compressor HP Full Load Amps Electrical Cabinet Finish Net Weight (Approx.)
SMC120 120 L/h 1/3 2.5 A 240V 50Hz Powdercoated Steel 55 kg


Sonata 120 Specifications

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