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Post: Drinking Water Cooler Service Centre Relocation

As of the 27th of October Aqua Cooler’s Sydney repair and refurbishment facility will be relocated to Brisbane to be incorporated into the company’s head office.

This decision aligns with the movement of the production, warehousing and sales resources of Aqua Cooler earlier this year. After close analysis, we determined that for the economics of repairing our plastic and M Series units that are not covered by warranty, is no longer commercially viable. Our new range features products priced in the $150-200 range that will be their direct replacements. In most cases it would make more sense to purchase a new unit than charge our customers an increased diagnostic and labour fee, plus parts. For those customers who use an ‘ECO’ style of filter with a bowl plug and a side door cut out, we are committed to having a replacement product offering for you in the coming months.

It is important to note that we are going to maintain full service and parts support for Aqua Cooler’s M Series and under bench models through the new service centre in Brisbane. We understand these changes may cause some logistical challenges for customers based in New South Wales. However, we are working on a solution that will see our customer’s aggregate coolers combine into a pallet at a time, for freighting to us. Alternatively, if it is only one or two units, we can combine with other repairs being sent to Brisbane. The ultimate approach is to reduce freight costs.

To be clear, service and support for all Aqua Cooler products will continue to be available for all Aqua Cooler products from our Brisbane-based service centre. As mentioned above and to ensure this process is commercially viable moving forward, there will be a price change on labour and some parts. This will be communicated on new quotations and other communications in coming weeks.

Moving forward, we will not be in the business of repairing competing brands water coolers, other than through special arrangements.

Please note: Units will need to be booked in with our service team before being sent to our new facility. You are welcome to do this via phone or email. Our phone number and email addresses remain the same.

1300 AQUA COOLER or 02 9721 9300
For Support: [email protected]
For Sales Enquiries: [email protected]

Delivery Address:
Unit 13, 2-12 Knobel Ct

One unfortunate consequence of this facility transfer is the loss of our hard-working, highly-valued, Sydney-based team members. All of whom were offered roles in Brisbane but have declined for various personal reasons. We know many of you have grown to appreciate them over the years and they will be sorely missed.

Lastly, watch out for our new product ranges as they are progressively released over the coming months. And again, thank you for your continued support. With the move to Queensland and release of a great new range of water coolers, we are in a stronger position than ever to service your drinking water needs.