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Terms and Conditions

Aqua Cooler Pty Ltd

Terms and Conditions of Sale

These terms apply to all products you buy from us. You cannot vary these terms without our written approval. All references to “us”, “we”, “our”, etc. refer to Aqua Cooler. All references to “you”; “your” etc. refer to the customer placing the order and its representatives and if more than one, each of them jointly and severally.

  1. Orders
    • Prevailing Terms. We will not be bound by your order until we accept it, which we may do by delivering the products to you. If the terms of your order differ from these terms, these terms will prevail.
  1. Price
    • Prices listed in our current product catalogue are fixed until we issue a revised price list or otherwise notify you that the prices have been revised. Current prices for all items can be viewed online. We can vary prices at any time prior to accepting your order.
  1. Delivery
    • You must give delivery instructions in your order, and if possible, we will arrange for delivery in accordance with those instructions. You must ensure that someone is present to accept delivery of the products on your behalf. As well as paying for the products, you will pay the carrier’s costs of transporting the products from our warehouse in all cases.
  1. Product Warranty
    • Inspection on Delivery. You must inspect the products as soon as they are delivered. If you do not you will be deemed to have accepted the products.
  1. Liability
    • Exclusion of Legislation. The provisions of all legislation, including the Competition and Consumer Act 2012 (Cth) and the Fair Trading Act 1989 (Qld), do not apply to these terms except to the extent that they are unable to be excluded.
  1. Passing of Title
    • Title Passes on Full Payment. Title to the products will not pass to you until we receive your full unconditional payment for them.
  1. General
    • Force Majeure. We will not be liable for any delays or loss or damage you suffer arising from any cause beyond its control. This includes but is not limited to delays in transportation, handling or supply, accidents, fire, labour disputes, the requirements of any law or Government agency or other circumstance whether or not of a similar nature beyond our reasonable control, until that cause has ceased to have effect.