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Drinking Water Solutions

Drinking Fountains

Free-Standing and Wall-Mounted Fountains

The M Series and WM Series drinking fountains are the iconic figureheads of the Aqua Cooler product line up. A favourite across a range of industries on account of their unmatched durability, reliability and performance. The stylish and unassuming design suits just about any location and the IP33 rating means it can be installed where other fountains can’t.

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Bubblers and Bottle Fountains

Free-Standing and Wall-Mounted Fountains

Oasis bubblers and bottle fillers come in a wide range of configurations designed to suit a variety of applications. We have contactless options for both our bubblers and bottle fillers to allow hands-free dispensing as well as optional advanced UVC-LED filtration at the point of dispense.

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Public Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountains for Outdoor Public Spaces

Aqua Cooler is proud to partner with Urban+ to offer a range of outdoor drinking fountains. Designed to meet your requirements in the harshest of environments, these stylish fountains are perfect for use in parks and recreational areas.

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Water Coolers

Plumbed-In and Bottled Water Coolers

Thousands of customers rely on the Aqua Cooler brand when it comes to supplying cold, filtered water to their waiting rooms, lunch rooms, homes, gyms, schools and offices. That’s because Aqua Cooler water coolers offer incredible quality and value. Stylish, modern designs coupled with the reliability that comes with all Aqua Cooler products make them the perfect choice for your drinking water needs.

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Under Bench

Out-of-Sight Coolers

Aqua Cooler Under Bench chillers sit out of sight and deliver a steady supply of chilled water to a tap or faucet above the bench. Under Bench units are a great alternative to keeping jugs of water in the fridge, and with an optional filter, they can provide chilled and filtered water on demand at any time.

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Remote Water Systems

Remotely Supplied Chilled Water Systems

These industrial grade water systems are used to remotely supply chilled drinking water to drinking troughs or other outlets as required. Aqua Cooler’s range includes units capable of supplying between 30 and 120 L/h of chilled water, making them perfect for schools and workplaces

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Wall-Mounted Drinking Troughs

Outdoor Drinking Trough Fountains

With outlet fittings configured to your requirements and a 60mm boxed splashback, this drinking trough is ideal for many applications.

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Parts & Accessories

Filters and Accessories for our Products

Aqua Cooler offers an assortment of water cooler accessories, from a variety of filters and replacement filters to taps, cup holders and more.

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Countertop Systems

Countertop Water Cooler Systems

Perfectly suited to fit any table, bench or countertop where you need refreshing, filtered water, Aqua Cooler’s Countertop Water Systems offer the perfect options to suit any need. From small chilled glasses of water at home, to instant hot water and stylished designed units, there is a countertop system ideal for your space.

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