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Post: Engineering Appointment At Aqua Cooler Drives And Signals Positive Change

Aqua Cooler, Australia’s leading manufacturer and marketer of chillers, heat pumps and CRAC systems, has announced the appointment of Jefferson Lee to its mechanical engineering team.

Jefferson studied at the University of Queensland where he completed his honours accreditation with a specialist thesis focusing on energy efficiency chilled water, air separation and filtering systems. Jefferson possesses bilingual language competencies and an impressive range of interpersonal and academic attributes alongside the prerequisite core engineering skill set required to make a major contribution to the existing team and Aqua Cooler business.

Aqua Cooler’s CEO, Glenn Honey, said “The recent change to Aqua Cooler’s business model in adopting a mixed contract manufacturing and distribution channel capability means our engineering team members will spend at least 30% of their time offshore, working closely with supplier partner engineering teams. This embedded approach means relatively seamless cooperation, collaboration and ultimately the delivery of optimum quality and performance outcomes for our customers.

Ben Carlton, National Sales Manager at Aqua Cooler, said “The strategic intent of the new business model is expected to ensure that not only will the new business model allow us to preserve and further leverage our home-grown engineering and market-leading IP but also enhance our competitive capacity to service our local market customers. Our ability to work closely with our new manufacturing and distribution partners has allowed us to substantially expand our range offering to include applications and scale projects we were previously excluded from engaging in. This will ensure that the tried and proven R and R Series models marketed by Aqua Cooler over the years will continue to be available.”

“At last count, the company boasts an install base exceeding 6,000 systems locally and our footprint in export markets during recent years has been growing rapidly. Effectively, Aqua Cooler had become the last man standing in the local market in terms of participating in the combined chiller, heat pump and CRAC system business in the less-than-200-kW range. While we will continue to manufacture in Australia, we will be selective about which models will be produced locally and we expect the recommissioning and focus of the Queensland factory is likely to be a custom and bespoke manufacturing plant going forward.”

Aqua Cooler recently launched an extended range of products in the chiller, heat pump and CRAC system ranges. The company now offers Australians more options in more configurations than ever before. Aqua Cooler’s Marketing Manager, Kane Wallmann, had this to say about the rebrand: “To assist our customers in understanding the range segmentation we have introduced the Thermal X and Gladiator Ranges. This definitive brand identification allows the market to differentiate between the existing and widely recognised Aqua Cooler designed S and R Series products, which will be designated Thermal Xand the new expanded range products, that will be marketed under the Gladiator value range.”

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