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Post: Meet the SU Series Drinking Fountains

Meet the SU Series Drinking Fountains

As sturdy and reliable outdoor drinking fountains go, the SU650 and SU600 range is perfect for schoolyards, parks, golf courses, bowls clubs, and anywhere the kiss of the heat demands fresh water on-demand. With an optional filter kit also available on both models, the folks enjoying the great outdoors can have brilliantly clean hydration straight from the tap.

SU650 Drinking Fountain & Bottle Refill

With an integrated catchment tray for on-the-go refills, this secondary water bottle refill fountain as well as the standard drinking fountain features, the SU650 is ideal for providing crisp, clean hydration whether you’re in the schoolyard, the park, or even just between meetings in the office.

SU600 Drinking Fountain

The SU600 drinking fountain is the SU650’s smaller sister and has the same standard features with the exception of the integrated bottle filler.  Perfect to fulfill hydration needs of passing visitors, with a stylish, minimalistic design

Sustainably made and built for the long-term, the SU range of Aqua Cooler drinking fountains are designed with the environment in mind. Clean, sleek forms fit in wherever they’re installed and keep out of the way of busy thoroughfares to keep people moving.

Plumbed in for permanent access to water, the SU range of drinking fountains is the perfect fit for any location looking for clean drinking water wherever and whenever it’s required.

Need fresh, crisp drinking water? Look no further than Aqua Cooler. Download our new catalogue to see our full range offering.

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