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Post: Need H2O Now? Get H2ONow!

Need H2O Now? Get H2ONow!

Under Bench Chillers sit out of sight, delivering a steady supply of freshly chilled water to a tap or faucet above the bench. Under Bench make an excellent alternative to keeping and constantly refilling jugs of water or bottles in the fridge, and with an optional filter, they can provide chilled and filtered water on demand at any time.

The Aqua Cooler H2ONow Under Bench Chiller is an innovative drink system designed to be out of sight, while dispensing deliciously chilled water on demand. The system comes with a stylishly designed tap which also includes an LED reminder light to alert you when it’s time for a filter change. Filters are easily replaced with a single twist off/twist on fitting, keeping your drinking water fresh and clean.

Delivering 5 litres per hour of water chilled to a crisp 10°C, the H2ONow evaporator system uses copper evaporator tubes on a stainless-steel water storage tank, both of which are encapsulated in insulation.


  • 5L/h chilled water output
  • Stylish chilled tap
  • Simple to use, with automatic shutdown
  • Specifically designed for space-saving, under-bench installation
  • Fully insulated to achieve maximum energy efficiency
  • Easy filter replacement with a single twist
  • 12-months standard warranty
  • Full range of replacement parts
H2ONow with Tap

Plumbed in for permanent access to water, the H2ONow Under Bench Chiller system is the ideal addition to your home kitchen, outdoor entertaining or bar space.

Need fresh, crisp drinking water? Look no further than Aqua Cooler. Download our new catalogue to see our full range offering.

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