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Post: A Solution For Every Application

A Solution For Every Application

Water is vital for life and Aqua Cooler’s expanded chilled drinking fountain and bubbler range means we have a solution for every application. Whether it is wall-recessed or surface-mounted bubblers or bottle fillers, we have a variety of options to suit your workplace, education campus, gym or healthcare facility. Our bubbler and bottle filler options include a choice of manual or sensor dispensing to cater for any installation application.


Many students do not have access to refill stations for their water bottles. Be the educator that cares; make the change by providing them with an Oasis hydration solution.


With more people than ever bringing their water bottles to work, choose from our contactless range of bottle fillers to avoid cross contamination. Our antimicrobial silver and copper surfaces kill bacteria and maintain safe working environments.


Studies have shown travellers have few facilities to refill water bottles when they need it most. Be the leaders in caring for the welfare and hydration of thirsty travellers. Provide them with an Oasis hydration solution.

Fitness & Sports Facilities

Whether you’re a gym enthusiast pumping weights, or a sports fanatic chanting loudly, you need rehydrating. Aqua Cooler offers a multitude of options for fitness and sport facilities.


Like health, water is often taken for granted. Ensure your healthcare facility patients and visitors are consuming safe water with Oasis contactless bottle fillers.

Configuration Options

Our bubblers and bottle fillers are available in a wide range of configurations to suit a variety of applications, including contactless options to enable hands-free dispensing, and pre-filter kits.

If you have a need for chilled drinking water, Aqua Cooler has a solution.