Wall Recessed Bottle Fillers

Wall Recessed Mains Connected Bottle Filler

This wall recessed, plumbed-in bottle fillers come in a variety of different configurations including manual or hands free and can dispense either 30 or 45 L/h of cold drinking water depending on the model.

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Key Features

  • High efficiency cooling system and refrigerant R-134a.
  • Stainless steel finish with heavy duty steel frame.
  • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway.
  • Waterways are Lead-Free in materials and construction.
  • Filtration system for taste, odour and chlorine reduction.
  • Mechanically or sesnor activated water flow.
  • Available with optional QUASAR UVC-LED filtration

These wall recessed bottle fillers come in six different configurations depending on your requirements. It has options for refrigerated / non-refrigerated dispensing of either 30L/H or 45L/H, as well as the option of having a manual or hands free dispensing mechanism. It features a 100 micron strainer to stop particles entering the lead-free waterway. The heavy duty galvanized steel frame makes the unit extra durable, perfect for high volume applications. All refrigerated fountains use R-134a refrigerant and have an efficient and high-performing refrigeration system. All bottle fillers are made with proprietary FRESHIELD technology. FRESHIELD harnesses the natural bacteria-fighting power of silver by infusing it into a poly compound on the molded parts of the alcoves

Wall Recessed Hydration Stations

Model Number Rated Capacity Dispense Type UV Filtered Kit
AC-MWGSBF Un-refrigerated Manual No
AC-MWG8SBFY 30 L/h Manual No
AC-MWG12SBFY 45 L/h Manual No
AC-MWEBFY Un-refrigerated Contactless No
AC-MW8EBFY 30 L/h Contactless No
AC-MW12EBFY 45 L/h Contactless No
AC-MWEBQY Un-refrigerated Contactless Yes
AC-MW8EBQY 30 L/h Contactless Yes
AC-MW12EBQY 45 L/h Contactless Yes

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