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Semi-Recessed Bottle Filler

Semi-Recessed Wall Mounted Mains Connected Bottle Filler

Our semi-recessed bottle fillers offer refrigerated drinking water with automatic dispensing.

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Key Features

  • Electronic touch free activation (AC-MWSM8EBFY-ASM) with hands free activation with shut off timer
  • Built in bottle counter, filter monitor and programmable time-out feature
  • Large alcove to fit most sports bottles
  • Energy-efficient LED’s illuminate alcove and aids bottle filling
  • Built in drain – no drip tray to empty
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with a stainless steel finish
  • Space saving surface mount frame assembly
  • Electronic automatic dispense
  • Integrated bottle counter and filter monitor
  • Built-in 100-micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway
  • Waterways are lead-free in materials and construction
  • High efficiency cooling system and refrigerant R-134a
  • Built-in panel locks for easy access to chiller and filtration
  • A wall cavity is required behind the bottom half to fit the chiller

Oasis semi-recessed bottle filler units offer refrigerated drinking water with automatic, hands-free dispensing mechanisms. Featuring a 100-micron strainer to stop particles entering the lead-free waterway and a heavy-duty galvanised steel frame making the unit extra durable. Perfect for high-volume applications. All refrigerated fountains use R-134a refrigerant and have an efficient, high-performing refrigeration system.

All Oasis bottle fillers are made with proprietary Freshfield technology. Freshfield harnesses the natural bacteria-fighting power of silver by infusing it into a poly compound on moulded parts of the alcoves.

Please note: For refrigerated models, the unit is fixed to the surface, but a wall cavity is required to fit the chiller behind the lower half of the unit. Alternatively, this can be mounted remotely and water lines run to the unit. Contact us for details.

Semi-Recessed Wall Mounted Mains Connected Bottle Filler

Semi-Recessed Bottle Filler

Model NumberRefrigeratedDispense MechanismVandal Resitant
AC-MWSM8EBFY-ASMYes – 30L/hSensorNo
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Product Attachments

Semi-Recessed Bottle Filler Data SheetSemi-Recessed Bottle Filler User ManualSemi Recessed Bottle Filler BIM File
Semi-Recessed Bottle Filler

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