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PT30 Series

The Aqua Cooler PT30 Remote Storage features a large storage tank of 120L and is able to chill water down to 10 °C from 27 °C in 32 °C ambient at a rate of 110 L/h. Perfect for connection to drinking water troughs found in education environments. Also can be used to pre-chill water for ice machines or in other commercial environments.

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Key Features

  • Constructed from heavy-duty galvanised steel
  • High capacity storage to meet demand
  • Watermark compliant
  • Refrigerant R-134a for high ambient conditions
Model Selection Chart
Model Rated Capacity Compressor HP Full Load Amps Rated Watts Cabinet Finish Net Weight (Approx.)
PT30 110.0 L/h 1/2 4.2 A 650 W Galvanised Steel 35 kg

Product Attachments

PT30 Series Data Sheet
PT30 Series

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