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Express Delivery for Western Australia

Express Delivery for Western Australia

We’re proud to have a selected stock range available for quick delivery to all WA customers. Aqua Cooler is offering all Western Australian customers the ability to fast track delivery time when ordering from our Perth facility. We store a selected range of drinking fountains, water coolers, and replacement filters, ready to ship – fast. […]

New Season Catalogue Out Now!

New Season Catalogue Out Now!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest catalogue update – Drinking Water Solutions. Featuring our ever popular Public Drinking Fountain range, along with our M and WM Series fountains, no matter your customer’s hydration requirement – we have a solution for you. Download the new catalogue here, and contact our team today if […]

Aqua Cooler’s M Series drinking fountains certified IP33 for outdoor uncovered installation

Aqua Cooler is proud to announce the popular M Series refrigerated drinking fountain range is now certified to IP33 level and is safe for outdoor uncovered installation. According to Australian Standard AS 60529:2013, awarding an IP rating of IP33 signifies that the M Series drinking fountain’s physical casing has protection from solid objects greater than […]

Aqua Cooler Direct: Shop With Confidence

Aqua Cooler, a proudly Australian owned drinking water and industrial chilling company, has announced the launch of an exciting new online store, Aqua Cooler Direct. The new ‘Business to Consumer’ (B2C) platform launches 1 October 2018 and allows consumers to purchase a range of high quality Aqua Cooler products with confidence and ease from our secure website. Aqua Cooler’s new […]

The Benefits of Filtered Water

Filtered water is particularly beneficial to your health and wellbeing. When given the choice to drink filtered or non-filtered water, consider the following points that could influence your decision. Human bodies are made up of approximately 60% water. Nevertheless, people are continually losing water, mainly through urine and sweat and become dehydrated quickly. Drinking filtered […]

Engineering Appointment At Aqua Cooler Drives And Signals Positive Change

Aqua Cooler, Australia’s leading manufacturer and marketer of chillers, heat pumps and CRAC systems, has announced the appointment of Jefferson Lee to its mechanical engineering team. Jefferson studied at the University of Queensland where he completed his honours accreditation with a specialist thesis focusing on energy efficiency chilled water, air separation and filtering systems. Jefferson […]

Relocation & Product Launch Announcement

This letter is intended to offer some transparency about the recent and up-coming changes to Aqua Cooler. We would also like to provide an update on how we plan to manage the business into the future and, most critically, communicate changes offered in our product range and aftermarket service delivery. Our first announcement is the […]

Relocation & Transformation Underway At Aqua Cooler

By the month’s end, Aqua Cooler will have relocated its entire manufacturing plant to the new factory in South-East Queensland. This process is a key step in the major transformation which is currently taking place at Aqua Cooler and has been since the company changed owners just over a year ago. This transformation is by […]