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Post: Aqua Cooler Launches Specialised Industrial Chiller Range for Critical Cooling Applications

Aqua Cooler, a leading industrial refrigeration supplier, has today announced the launch of the Gladiator Titan and Gladiator Hydra series industrial chillers designed specifically for critical cooling applications.

The Gladiator Titan and Gladiator Hydra series of industrial chillers is one of latest innovations in Aqua Cooler’s range, incorporating dual refrigeration and water circuits within the chiller to provide operational redundancy.

Ben Carlton, Aqua Cooler’s National Business Manager, said “The launch of Aqua Cooler’s new Gladiator Hydra and Titan chiller ranges will especially benefit the mining and medical sectors with the highly efficient dual refrigeration and water circuit redundancy features and will be a key asset to a wide variety of other industries within the Australian market.”

The Gladiator Titan and Hydra ranges were initially developed in response to demands from the medical industry to enhance redundancy capacity in hospitals and medical practices. Both ranges have been systematically built from the ground up to meet specific market requirements, providing the ultimate level of protection for up-time crucial applications.

Conventional industrial applications include medical imaging cooling, healthcare, plastic manufacturing, mining and mineral production, pharmaceutical, farming, laser and waterjet cutting, food processing and more.

Jefferson Lee, Aqua Cooler’s Product Development Engineer, said “The Gladiator Hydra and Gladiator Titan industrial chiller range supports and enhances reliability in applications where time and consistency are key by using dual compressor refrigeration and dual pumps for water circuit redundancy. The redundancy design ensures protection when you need it the most and softens impact of any potential service interventions necessary.”

The Gladiator Titan and Hydra range of industrial chillers are available for purchase now through Aqua Cooler. For further information visit the website or phone 1300 AQUA COOLER (1300 278 226)

About Aqua Cooler
Aqua Cooler was formed in 1994 as an amalgamation of three like-minded companies with histories dating back to the 1946. The first company, Blackmore and Singleman, was founded in 1946 by Jim Blackmore and focused on producing air conditioning and water chilling solutions for the train industry. The second, Sam Hort, was a small water cooler company purchased by Barry Blackmore in 1979. Sam Hort operated under this name for several years until Blackmore and Singleman relocated under the same roof and Aqua Cooler was formed. Over the lifetime of the company, Aqua Cooler has reinvented itself repeatedly. The core values and skill set remain mostly unchanged, but the end product and use-case continue to change and evolve alongside the world.

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